Riso Dama

“Non refined” quality

Naturally elegant and sophisticated on every occasion, like a true Dama (lady).

Our mission is to create a natural, high-quality rice that will transform every occasion into a great event with its authentic simplicity. 

We want those who choose Dama to do so consciously and share with us the the idea of an exquisite culinary and sensory experience.

We meticulously follow every phase of the supply chain, starting from the choice of our farmers, to the planning of their production according to sustainable quality standards, up to the selection of the best batches of harvested rice and the entire production cycle in the rice mill. 

For each variety we have carefully chosen ONE producer, not just a simple supplier but an Ally with whom we share respect for the work, for the land, for the raw material.

Our Carnaroli is grown in Vercelli (ITALY), in the heart of the Italian homeland of rice. It is not refined but delicately husked with attention to the original raw material, so that every single grain of rice maintains all its nutritional and sensorial qualities, as well as its good and genuine flavour.

The result is a noble, genuine, pure rice.


the CARNAROLI RICE with a capital “C”!

Our Carnaroli rice grows on lands cultivated with sustainable methods and is 100% pure in its original quality. 

We process it without refining it in order to maintain intact its genuine taste and all of its characteristics, as well as a large part of the gem, which is nutritionally complete by itself. 

Dama’s selected Carnaroli rice offers an intense and captivating flavour, as well as a consistent and elastic grain, which allows your risotto always to be “al dente”.

Thanks to the high fiber content, this rice has a remarkable volume growth while cooking, as it absorbs liquids and flavors of the different preparations.

It is perfect for all sorts of risottos, but it is also extremely versatile so it can be easily used in every kind of rice recipe.



Dama’s Brown Carnaroli rice enhances all the fine qualities of the Carnaroli rice in its wholeness. In fact, every grain remains true, naturally unprocessed, so as to keep intact all nutritional qualities and its authentic and intense flavour.
Every grain is consistent, elastic and capable of surprising in every cooking technique, and it holds its high fiber content, vitamins and minerals during cooking time.


Il nostro Carnaroli Integrale offre tutta la qualità del nostro Carnaroli, con un chicco ancora meno raffinato e “svestito” per conservarne le qualità nutrizionali e il profumo autentico.

Il suo chicco è consistente ed elastico, una grande tenuta alla cottura, un alto contenuto di fibre, vitamine e sali minerali, ed un gusto intenso. Perfetto per insalate, contorni saporiti, zuppe invernali, preparazioni al salto e per ricette sane e gustose.



It is the Italian basmati rice! Dama’s Apollo is the white rice that, with its delicacy and enchanting aroma, meets the taste for good things. Cultivated by very few farmers in Piedmont e Sardinia, from which we select the best, the Apollo rice has elongated grains and is naturally gluten free.

It guarantees a short cooking time and an extreme simplicity in the preparation of the most versatile recipes. Its overwhelming scent is released already during the cooking phase and its flavour is intense and delicate at the same time.

It is excellent for rice salads or as an accompaniment to vegetables, meat and fish.


The result is anoble- ricegenuine- ricepure- rice

Il risultato è un risosanobuononaturale

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